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Mail Butler is the best personal assistant you can find to help you with Apple Mail


Email scheduling service

Delaying sending so that user can prevent mistakes

Chance of sending bigger attached documents

Convert emails into notes


It is not free software

It can become “too much” to common users

Needless to say how important it is to manage different email accounts, but the more important and emails is, the most limitations user finds. Most of them are solved now thanks to Butler Mail for Apple Mail.

The function that has given popularity to Butler Mail is its scheduling sending. That means that it is needless to watch the clock every time an email must be sent to someone. As soon as the email is ready, it can be scheduled: the program will send when time comes! Further features have been included too and they add some more Gigs when attachments, so it is not required a cloud service to send attachment.

Developers have even though in those times when an email is sent wrongly: no attachment or wrong receiver, are common mistakes that most email services do not prevent from happening. Mail Butler delays sending message a few seconds, so sender counts on time to correct the error without further complications.

Until here the most characteristics features, but software includes some of the common ones, such as customized signing, contact management with avatars or the ability to convert emails into notes.

In short, if you work with mailing, it could worth paying for this service that saves a lot of time and trouble when handling emails. If not, perhaps not so interesting download Mail Butler once the trial ends.

Mail Butler