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You are going to discover MacJournal in a few minutes, so better say goodbye to your classic notebook!


Completo bloc de notas con funciones de personalización del texto

Posibilidad de añadir contenidos multimedia

Publicación de contenidos en soportes de blog

Contraseñas para mantener el contenido privado


It is good, although it would be better if trial version time was longer!

A notebook is an essential tool that a writer must own, virtual ones are useful too and most bloggers and journalist use them. But it is fair to admit that most notebooks utilities are quite simple as they do not add many functions: there have been created to write memos basically. But times are changing, and writers now ask for more specific functions…. So when a writer finds your MacJournal it is common that s/he says goodbye to the previous notebook.

MacJournal is a kind of notebook software for Mac, here you got everything that is has in common with the rest of similar notebooks. This one includes everything a writer could wish: letters of different sizes and types or text colours are the first two details that attract attention, as they make it easier to manage different post or contents at the same time. Just by using tags and keywords, it is simple to find a certain text. It is a tool that writers can use, but it is not just about writing, as multimedia contents can be included to every post, even from YouTube or other multimedia platforms.

After this description of functions and features, it is not difficult to think that the post is ready to be posted just by using this utility, in fact, it could be! So why should writer wait for longer to publish it?  If everything is ready to be shared on the Internet, it can be done from MacJournal which is compatible with most blogging platforms.

MacJournal is a perfect tool for professional, but it could be also used as a diary because it includes a password feature to keep contents as a secret, but free download version last 14 days, so it does not really worth to start to write “secrets” just for some days if buy is not expected. Instead, the download of the 14 days trial version of it can be enough to test and try its features: download it and enjoy writing in the most professional way!