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Don’t worry about your data and your connection, because Little Snitch takes care while you are surfing.


Automatic detection of dangerous elements.

Definition rules system.



The definition rules system could cause some problems (that could be solved by using filters).

Security is one of the most important points when talking about Internet, but it is also one of the aspect users are worried about. How can we be complete sure about the final destination of the shared data? Little Snitch is a well-known name related to security, most users have trust it and that fact explain the different versions developed from the original version, but it keeps on being an exceptional option to be sure of surfing with security.

The main task of Little Snitch is to prevent of harmful element to accede to users’ data or info but it keeps an eye on the device too. The program provides detection functions to prevent dangerous elements to reach user’s connection, so if there is a suspicious element around, the user is warned by Little Snitch.

Little Snitch is a security software for Mac which works automatically, the user is “disturbed” just in case something is detected. But Mac’s owner could also establish filters or rules to increase the security of the connections. Of course, these settings could mean less while surfing, but nothing really important if the main objective is to get high security standards.

Little Snitch has been described as a software that works automatically, but sometimes is user to become suspicious from a website or content, let’s the security software do their job and discover if it is a secure element. Little Snitch is the essential tool to surf securely, a 100% of security is difficult to be got, but this program, that works as a firewall, assures high security standards.

Little Snitch