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Most people thing that office packs are good when they are expensive, LibreOffice shows that it is not always so!


Open source productivity software suite.

Simple but keeping the main utilities.


A boring interface.

It could become too simple to some users that are looking for all the elements that other suites offer.

To count on a good productivity software suite is a prerequisite for any computer, no matter if use is occasional or daily, sooner or later there will be a reason to use it, so why many users delay the download of such a software? The price is that reason, because the most famous Office Pack, the one developed by Microsoft, is quite expensive. Luckily, there are some alternatives that do not provide checkout to enjoy such software, for example, LibreOffice, an interesting alternative of the "big" one.

A word processor, a spreadsheet, a presentation program and a database utility, here there are the most used component on a productivity software suite, if these are found on an Office Pack, it could be considered as a good suite, and LibreOffice offers all of them.

Those four applications could be a good reason to download LibreOffice to manage the most common office documents, but this suite is much more than a “basic alternative to Microsoft Office”, as developers have completed it with a Maths utility and a graphics editor. The result is a complete compilation of tools, isn’t it? 

It is true that Microsoft’s suite is completer, but this one is free download and it can be completed with some interesting add-ons. The only negative point could be the boring interface, that is a little “poor”, but anyway it is a good productivity software which is also compatible with documents from other Office suites and free, of course.