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You can simply store photos in iPhoto. But you could manage them according to your needs with iPhoto Library Manager too…


Effective photos management for those who use iPhoto

File duplication including metadata

It recognizes duplicities


Paid full version

Compatible with iPhone 5 version or later

iPhoto Library Manager is a program to manage hundreds, thousands or perhaps millions from iPhoto for the Mac, so it is the best software for those using iPhoto 5 or later versions, as it adds some extra functions.

iPhoto Library Manager offers a friendly environment from which it is possible to check and view images from iPhoto, but it also includes other functions to guarantee the complete management of images. Not a single picture will be lost anymore!

After downloading iPhoto Library Manager you are going to get a program that allows you to organize images into folders, which brings more simplicity to find a single file. In addition, you can copy and safe image files including metadata, so if they were lost, they could be easily recovered without losing quality. And then, the program is ready to find duplicities in the library, thus avoiding occupying disk space if not needed.

On the other hand, iPhoto Library Manager includes tools to manage several libraries, to merge, to divide, and to create new libraries. The program is developed to deal with corrupt libraries, from which you can extract and recover files and images.

The description points to think that iPhoto Library Manager is a “must have” iPhoto accessory, and it is, at least until the free trial version expires.

It is a not freeware, however, the download the free trial version of iPhoto Library Manager can be an excellent way to discover if this program is the best option for managing photos. But who proves it, usually ratify that dealing with iPhoto is much simpler by adding it.

iPhoto Library Manager