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Transfer your files between all your Apple devices without iTunes: better use iFunBox


No jailbreak

Devices can become USB with it


ITunes is required, because it is a kind of “extra”

Are you ready to transfer your files from Mac to iPhone without the limitations of iTunes? Are you ready to import iPad files to Mac without using iTunes? The alternative to iTunes service is iFunBox.

But you might be wondering now why using an alternative to an existing program that complies well with this function, but as you suspect, there is a reason: iFunBox works without JailBreak, so it offers more freedom when working with files and applications that are not official from Apple.

Therefore, this software offers more freedom to move every kind of content between Apple devices without the restrictions marked by JailBreak. Software allows access to files but it also allows rename them.

Among the options it is also included the possibility of using a particular device as a USB, so files can be stored and used anywhere. For example, it is possible to save some files on your iPhone with iFunBox and they could be accessible every time contents could be required. Ideal to those who are always forgetting USB!
At this point, we must note that iFunBox is no substitute for iTunes, but it rather is a complementary tool for iTunes because it offers new features that the original does not include. This is one of the best reasons to download it: that it improves a good utility.

If you want to enjoy any content from all your Apple devices without restrictions, you should try and download iFunBox.