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The alternative to iTunes, with no old models or OS versions restrictions exists: discover iExplorer and syncs up all Apple devices!


Alternative to iTunes.

Available for outdated versions and models

No jailbreak required.


It could behave unsteadily.

Apple devices synchronization no longer has to be performed by using iTunes, now there is an alternative: iExplorer, which is basically a software that allows user to connect Mac to iPhone or iPad.

But if you are now thinking that the service is quite similar to iTunes, you might know the extra options offered by this software for Mac: The possibilities of moving and copying files between devices do not decrease when using iExplorer for Mac, rather, it offers interesting options to connect and synchronize devices, which include not only photos, files and music, but complete with the ability to share messages chat, videos, notes and almost any kind of file.

One interesting characteristic related to iExplorer is that it has no restrictions on older models of devices or the more outdated versions of OS for Mac and Apple devices; instead, this software allows to synchronize all the device, it means it is fantastic when it is time, for example, to “say goodbye” the old iPhone, but it is needed to save important files, by synchronizing two Apple devices, it is possible to save the files which can be sent to a new iPhone later. By the way, jailbreak is not needed when using this software.

To copy, to cut, to save, to modify or to delete files from all devices developed by Apple without restrictions due to the version or model used, this is iExplorer, and does it through a free download software. It seems to be a fantastic idea to download it, doesn’t it?