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Don’t let the security of your Mac is in the hands of fate, control every time an App connects to the internet with Hands Off!


Maximum control of your Apps when they are trying to connect the internet.

Very easy to understand interface

Scheduled tasks


It is quite possible that you get annoyed of its continuous notifications, unless until you control how to Schedule automatic tasks

How many of the programs that I have installed on my Mac connect to the Internet?  How often? Why? Thanks to Hands Off! You are not going to get the answer to all these questions, but at least you will have the control over decisions on when they connect.

Much software installed on Mac often connects to the network for the most varied reasons, from innocent updates to attempts to share information and user data. Most users don’t realize those connections until it is too late.

Hands Off! Is ready to avoid it happen again, whenever a program attempts to connect to the Internet, the user is going to see a notification where to allow or to deny access. How it works is easy to understand because there are only three options: Accept, Deny, Ask.

Maybe you are now thinking that it is a little annoying that while you are concentrated in your business a notification assails whenever a program tries to connect, but Hands Off! It considers notification system can become boring if the same program tries to often, so it includes options to define certain tasks related to the different programs. Same security standards, but fewer notifications!

We do not doubt that the programs you use are safe for your Mac, but instead of trusting them, better trust Hands Off! that sure will help prevent occasional disgust.

Hands Off!