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Simplicity and speed, security and personalization are the characteristics that make from Google Chrome the perfect browser.



Easy to understand, easy to use

Customized browser thanks to the available add-ons and extensions

Secure browser, that also includes “Incognito Mode”


No protection system to prevent from an unwanted windows closing.

Nowadays, to surf the Internet is one of the activities we spend more time: both working to time to study; both in time to make significant efforts to enjoy leisure time, the network is now an indispensable part of our lives.

But, to surf the Internet a browser is required, for many years, users found one installed by default on the computer and that was the one they used, now the number of options have increased with names like Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera or Safari, which has also encouraged users do not conform with the installed browser and to enjoy the alternatives that fit better the way they surf.

Google Chrome: the browser simple and fast, customizable and secure. What more could you ask for?

Quick connection and simplicity when understanding how Google Chrome works, here there are two of the best characteristics that users point to when talking about browsers, and despite all names of browser have striven to offer attractive options, Google Chrome keeps on being on the top of speed and simplicity during surfing the Internet mainly due to an intuitive interface that integrates the popular search engine Google, which speeds up finding everything from a complete websites to an specific product.

The tab system became revolutionary to manage multiple sites at once, and it is still a practical option for surfing the Internet that the browser developed by Google includes. However, it would be nice that Google take into account possible accidental closing of windows, other browsers prevent from that situation but Chrome doesn’t.

Other important issues are those related to security and privacy of connections. Google Chrome for Mac was not the best option in its previous versions, but it is fair to say that the company has made a remarkable effort to provide a secure version with Google Chrome 48.0.2564.109, which includes functions to prevent malware from being installed on the device and to warn of suspicious sites. It has an “Incognito Mode” which offers greater protection for the user.

Of course, Chrome continues to offer a customized browsing experience: the number of extensions and add-ons available make possible that each user can get a tailored browser.
There are many reasons that point to the download of Google Chrome on Mac, the last one it that it is free download software.

Google Chrome