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Do not miss! Garmin Express updates the GPS to always find the way


Automatic registration of GPS on Garmin website.

Maps’ updates

Maps’ screenshots

IT does not run a update without getting user’s permission


It is free


Backups can take a lot of space, so if could be required to by a SD card. (To avoid it, screenshots are quite useful).

GPS arrived a few years ago to make it easier to find your way or plan routes, thanks to them would be much easier to move and that would end the need to ask for directions. It took a little time to realize that it would not be so easy: GPS needed updates! Luckily the relief of us, poor users, came and its name was Garmin Express, software that makes simple the task of updating Garmin GPS from Mac.

Once it has been installed on the computer, Garmin Express allows registering the device on Garmin Website: it does is recognize it and register it by himself. All you have to do is to connect your GPS to the USB port.  Once you have connected it, you can do what you want to do: don’t worry about the registration as software works alone! It will show a notification when the procedure is completed.

Registration is a necessary step that is performed only once, thanks to this step Garmin Express recognizes the device every time it is connected to Mac. So then it will be faster to make timely updates, although updates do not run without the consent of the device owner, who is you.

Roads and highways may change, but you'll be informed of every development with Garmin Express, the official Garmin utility for Mac with which you can be sure that no route will throw again.

Garmin Express