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Before your next adventure starts, be sure everything is under control: plan, organize and share your route with Garmin BaseCamp



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Maps are not a part of the software, but can be downloaded from the official page of Garmin.-

Available form Mac OS 10.10 or later.

Most applications and software related to entertainment are acquired just by paying, so when one of them is “for free” it sounds strange and it is not easy to think that it is a real quality product, but if the name of that apk is Garmin BaseCamp, it is easy to understand that the program has been developed by Garmin, so it is simple to be confident on the quality of the software that is a useful tool to plan routes and manage maps.

BaseCamp for Mac is a software really useful to those who practice trekking, cycling, running, motorcycling… and to those to enjoy mountains and rough terrains rather than common roads. The software purposes a suitable utility to create their own routes. Garmin BaseCamp permits planning every detail of the routes, including points of interest, places of rest and everything that can be considered relevant to who planned the trip. The drawing option included on the software is indicated to create very precise routes by adding waypoints which are similar to landmarks, so navigator indicates very precise ruotes.

Although the software can show both 2D and 3D maps, they are not included in the download of Garmin BaseCamp. Anyway this fact can’t be considered as ad disadvantage as they can be downloaded from the official page of Garmin.

It is good to enjoy a route, but it is even better to remind it and to share the emotion with those who are fare away. Garmin BaseCamp for Mac is ready to offer some extra tool that offer the chance of sharing and relive the route: geotags are useful to select and organize de pictures taken while sharing options are possible by using networks buttons.  It is compatible with EyeBird to import and export satellite imagery.

Are you ready for your next adventure? Plan the best ruote ever with Garmin BaseCamp: live it, relive it and share it.

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