Mac Image & audio

Are you ready to create slideshows presentations like a pro? Trust FotoMagico and create them with stunning results


Simple to understand and easy to use

Including basic editing tools

Uploading options


Editing tools are very slim and useless if they are to be used in a single photo

It is a basic program, not recommended for professional use.

To do a slideshow is quite simple and, to be honest, Mac devices usually include software used for this purpose. Of course, when it is time to create quality presentations, that basic program may remain somewhat sparse functions and have to think about getting something a little better.

A good choice is FotoMagico, a complete tool for creating presentations without complications; in fact, just a minimum of dedication is required to understand how to use FotoMagico.

Images can be imported from Mac or from external devices to the program and once they are a part of its gallery it is possible to modify or reorganize them as a first step. There are also other functions that allow adding transitions, styles, backgrounds and even text. It is not a photo editor, but it has some basic functions to adjust image values too, it does not work for simple images but as a joint, but it can be useful anyway.

The objectives of creating a slideshow can be as much as number of users FotoMagico owns: business presentations, birthday greetings, original present, weddings… But if the goal is to upload it to an online platform, for example, YouTube, it could be directly uploaded from the program.

This is not a perfect program: it would be nice if incorporated more photo edition functions (or the change of using those that are incorporated on single images); it could be fantastic if the number of layers was slightly higher than the six it offers now… But FotoMagico for Mac means simplicity and that could be understood as an advantage, because this one is much completer than similar programs.