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How many multimedia players for Mac have been officially developed by WMP? Flip4Mc has, and it has been created with a lot of features up to make from it an extraordinary


The only official Windows Media Player for Mac.

Ready to support an interesting quantity of formats: WMV, WMA, AVI, ASF and ASV.


There are some extra functions that allow to edit multimedia contents, but they are only available after the download of the paid Pro version.

When planning to download a media player it is easy to find out that there are a lot of different options, some of them really well known. But, it “for Mac” is included as a condition the number of option becomes lower. It doesn’t mean that the user has to conform, in fact there are some interesting names related to Mac, and one that should be considered as the main media player: Flip4Mac Player, the official Windows Media Player.

The features offered by the software have been included by taking into account the characteristics of Mac, so the user faces a player easy to utilize. A big quantity of formats are compatible with the player, of course wmv format is one of them, but it is not the only one: WMA for Quicktime, AVI, ASF or ASX, are the rest of formats that Flip4Mac can read.

The ultimate version of the software includes a media player which name is Flip Player and completed with settings and characteristics to offer the most personalized player to every user. The installation of Microsoft Silverlight is allowed by the software too, and it means the chance of playing online contents. There are a lot of features waiting to be discovered, and the only action needed is the download of Flip4Mac Player.

Flip4Mac Player