Mac Image & audio

Fission is an easy-to-use audio editor. This is its best description and the best reason to download it


Really easy to use

User’s guideline

High audio format compatibility

Format converter


No the best option for professionals as it is too basic

An easy-to-use audio editor.  This is the description that fits perfectly Fission, software that seems to have been developed to let show that audio editing can be within easy reach of beginners.

How have developers got audio editing software for everyone? By being logic: they have just included basic actions that are also the ones that users need more. Fission is not the kind of software plenty of menu that when opened offer a lot of submenus, here we find a simple environment where there is no need to spend a lot of time to find the action to be taken to complete an objective.  Of course simplicity usually involve reducing editing option and features, and this is the little niggle of Fission, which is a fairly limited option if you are looking for complete audio editing software.

However, if what is sought is a program for cutting and pasting audio fragments, for normalizing the volume of each track to get a good result, Fission is more than enough. And then, this one does not offer compatibility problems formats, as it supports a good selection of them; moreover, it works as format converter.

We have already noted that it is easy to use software, so it is the solution that fits best beginners or eventual users, but in case they do not know well how to use Fission: no problem! Because developers have not forgotten to include a user’s guideline.

If you are looking for an easy-to use audio edition, don’t hesitate to download Fission.