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If you want to retrieve a file that you thought it was lost, trust File Juicer to get it


File extraction and recovery software

File converter of some of the most used formats: PDF to Word, EXE to ZIP and so



Available for OS X 10.9 and later versions.

To have a picture in Word, Excel, PDF or other similar documents means that image quality is lost for everything other than use in similar files and means saying goodbye to the quality of the image too. Unless File Juicer extracts the image.

It is good at extracting images, but it also handles files attachment in emails, files from RAW folders of RAW or images that were believed lost in the iPod. That is, before saying goodbye to a certain file, it is worth giving a try this software.

File Juice is described as a program that extracts and recovers files, since that is a main task developed by it, but it is also format converter that can convert PDF files to Word, .exe  to .zip and other kind of formats to an accessible option.

No matter the kind of content or file File Juicer deals with, software is going to rebuild it piece by piece to get a new file with a new and recognizable format. It uses a binary system to analyse the contents so the list of supported format is quite long.

Perhaps you think the file you need is impossible to recover from that corrupt file, from the deleted mail, from the broken iPod, but before losing all hope, let File Juicer do its job.

File Juicer