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To reduce the harmful effects of blue light screens it is possible with f.lux


Prevention from eye fatigue


Gradual reduction of the amount of blue light as time passes


To adapt a screen without blue light is not easy

It is not useful for professionals working on image editing

For some time, some researches talking about the effect of the screens in our eye’s health have been published, most of them point that there is an element that could be potentially harmful when daily exposure is high: the blue light. To mitigate the effects of blue light on Mac screens there is f.lux.

Frequent and continuous exposure to blue light can cause eyestrain, headache, red eyes or insomnia. And although all researches remind that further investigation is needed to get right conclusions of the effects of blue light on your eyes, the truth is that those who spend most time in front of a screen often feel one or more of these symptoms.

F.lux has been designed to provide a tailored solution to all users who spend hours and hours in front of a screen. The utility takes into account the time user passes in front of Mac to adapt the amount of blue light that reaches its eyes as the day goes on. All the actions required to get the benefits are to adjust certain parameters such as start time and location: that is all! After so, it will work automatically.

Researches are inconclusive, but more and more voices point to the dangers of blue light on eye health, so if you are someone who, for work or hobby, spend a lot of time in front of a Mac you lose nothing by downloading f.lux ( apart from some image quality), instead your eyes and your overall health will thank you.