Mac Internet

No matter how many cloud services you have, with the ExpanDrive you will manage all from a single interface


Easier management of cloud storage accounts

Upload and download contents

Editing option without downloading files

Compatible with all cloud services


There is useful just in case the user owns several accounts

It does not work as effectively for all cloud services

Cloud storage offers a virtual environment to store everything that will be available anytime, anywhere. That is the idea, but the real fact is that there are a lot of cloud storage services, and most users own more than one account. So, when it is time to find a single file, to remember where it was uploaded can become a chaos!

This is the reason that explains why there are programs like ExpanDrive for Mac, a really practical utility that allows user to manage several cloud storage services account from a single interface.

The secret of success of this program is the simplicity: the main page of ExpanDrive includes a sidebar where all the included services are shown, by clicking one of them, it is possible to accede to its contents.  So: it is simple to find a single file, to upload images on the right service, or to download music, or so.

The best of the program is that it has been thought to deal with several accounts by using a single interface, as it is compatible with all cloud storage services. Upload and download of files are allowed, but in case editing is required, there is no need of downloading the content. Despite it does not work the same way with all the services, and despite the connection quality is essential, it is fair to say that software runs quite fast.

Think of how many cloud storage services account you own: Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, Box, iCloud…  Surely you've ever thought about moving all files to one of them, but you cannot because space problems, or other reasons. ExpanDrive does not let you get rid of having a lot of accounts, but make it easier to manage them.