Mac Tools

Something is wrong with your Mac? Let's EtreCheck give a diagnosis


More than 50 analysis and diagnosis tools.

It uses Apple's servers for analysis

It gives information about the characteristics of the device


Sometimes it can find the error, it is not common, but it happens

It is said that user’s personal data are protected as the program sends a report, but it is impossible to be 100% sure

The day that something is wrong with Mac, problems begin to know how to fix it and then to put a solution At least the first part is easy to solve with EtreCheck which is basically a diagnostic program for Mac. But the simple description does not mean that their functions simple too, because it includes more than 50 tools that work simultaneously to analyse the device and its components

EtreCheck identifies the model and the versions installed on Mac, and then connects to the Apple server to check that everything goes as expected. And by the way, it also sends a report to the company, to note the error, which could be intended as the best proof that developers are very sure of the effectivity of the analysis. The truth is that the program can identify most errors and problems shown on a Mac; although occasionally a little something escapes their diagnostic tools. But once you know what is wrong with your Mac, to find out a suitable solution is your own business, EtreCheck work ends as it indicates the problem to be solved. 

To know the specifics of Mac is also a function of this software that quickly informs the user about all the technical characteristics of the device.

To find out the error is the first step to end a problem is to find him, so download EtreCheck.