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El Capitan needs maintenance and optimization tasks to, but it needs a software to its height: Captain Cache Cleaner


Complete optimization and maintenance tool for El Capitan

It is very easy to use and functions are easily found thanks to the simplicity of the interface


The interface is a little “boring”

Available just to OS 10.11 for Mac

Paid software

Mac OS version 10.11, also known as "El Capitan" appeared in 2015 and this version adds some interesting advantages to using Mac. However, it is not without problems cache, logging and other harmful elements that, over time, get that the device begins to run slowly. Fortunately there is a program developed to "El Capitan" a maintenance and optimization software designed according to their characteristics and whose name is El Capitan Cache Cleaner.

The first time El Capitan Cache Cleaner is open users finds out that it is very easy to see nothing is left to chance because the amount of options available is really interesting. On the left side of the interface the sections are shown, by clicking on one of them the access to it is permitted to perform this function, and this is an important advantage as we are talking about a lot of functions!

To download El Capitan Cache Cleaner is a complete way to keep the Mac as new for much longer thanks to the functions of cleaning, maintenance, optimization, recording and backups creation that are included in it. A pity that it is a paid software, but it is possible download the trial version to see how it works before getting the full version.

El Capitan Cache Cleaner