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How to keep Mac running smoothly for a long time? The download of Drive Genius is a simple but effective action to get it.


It founds duplicated files

Disk’s reorganization

It updates permits and fixes corrupted files


Besides it is quite complete, there are some similar programs that are free download

As important as having a good antivirus it is to have installed a registry cleaner, Drive Genius for Mac is one of those names that you should not lose sight if that is the goal you have marked. Time ago it was though that to keep a device running smoothly the only required software was an antivirus, nowadays it is knows that a virus is not always the reason of a slow computer: cache, registry, extensions and so are the most common elements related to a sluggins Mac.

The best thing to do to keep Mac working perfectly is to download and use a maintenance and optimization program, it would be perfect if it was an easy to use options. One of the utilities that fit this description is Drive Genius.

Registry and cache cleaning are basic features of Drive Genius, and part of basic maintenance for Mac, but this is a complete maintenance and optimization program that includes reorganization functions to defragment the disk. An action that does not run randomly, but according to user preferences, so finding any file or directory after de defragmentation does not become a mess.

Sometimes the blame for the slowness is in the amount of stored files and in the volume of those files, Drive Genius addresses to locate them, as well as the contents that could be duplicated, to free up space without having to delete important files. On the other hand, this software does not elude those files that may be corrupted or outdated, for those files it seeks permits or updates needed to return your computer to function as expected.

The only important negative point is that it is a paid program, but if taking into account all the features included on in, the download of Drive Genius seems to be an intelligent action, doesn’t it?

Drive Genius