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The easiest way to build an OS X Installer is DiskMaker X, just a few clicks are required to get it in an USB


Easiest way to build bootable drive from OS X installer.


Before starting the process, it is recommended to check the contents of the USB as the will be deleted during the process.

The used USB cannot be used to save any other thing.

To create a bootable drive from OS X installer wasn’t an easy action, but DiskMaker X has been developed to make it simple and fast. Two things are needed to build a bootable drive from OS X installer program, this software and an 8GB USB.

OS for Mac can give problems, or it is wanted to install the ultimate version of the OS or want to make a copy to install it on a different device, these are some reasons to build a bootable drive from OS X installer, but no matter what the reason is, by using DiskMaker it is possible to complete it with a simple process. When inserting the USB memory and opening the software, it will indicate the steps and once the process is complete, the result is a "bootable USB drive" ready to be used of kept.

Even when it is a complex action, the process proposed by DiskMaker X is really simple to complete. Anyway, before starting it, it is better to empty the USB or to be sure there is nothing important saved on it, as all the content will be deleted during the process.

There is not a “secret” that is possible to create bootable drive from OS Mac with by completing a simple installation and by following some simple instructions, so if that's your goal, why look more complicated alternatives if DiskMaker X offers a simple proposition?

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