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Chaos is over: DiskCatalogMaker has come to fight disorganization


Powerful search engine function

File preview available


The catalog will be organized by name, but there are not options such as tag by genre or type of file.

Files and files can be saved on Mac and CDs and USB, it is as simple as clicking on the right places to have them saved… forever. Yes: FOREVER, as it is really too hard to delete them, the action is simple, but the problem is that it is not easy to know the files that would be deleted and those that should be kept, does it? DiskCatalogMaker makes much easier to control content on a unity such a CD or a USB.

Where is that file? Is there anything useful in this USB? Is it OK if I delete all the files? Ask DiskCatalogMaker, software helpful when the objective is to have an idea of the contents on a unity. The program for Mac analyses the elements found on the directory and creates a list of all the files contained: images, documents, PDF, films, they are going to be organized by name. No matter if some of the files are within a compressed folder, DiskCatalogMaker analyses it too!

To know the content on a unity is not a problem anymore, now it will be easier to decide to delete everything or to keep some files. But the application is much better as it owns a searching tool so, it becomes really useful when the objective is to find out where a file is.

Management and organization are two tasks that DiskCatalogMaker executes good, but it is not a perfect program just because the only data used to organize files is name, so it is not always easy to find a particular item, anyway “Preview” can become an extra help in this case.  There is something to add to the list of reasons to download DiskCatalogMaker and it would be that it is free!