Mac Tools

Cocktail is a maintenance and optimization software. It is really complete so: stay away if you're not an expert on the subject!


Very complete maintenance and optimization software for Mac.

Tasks Schedule functions.


Backup function not included.

Disk maintenance, registry cleaning, file removal, network management, schedule tasks and a nice. This is the list of a perfect Cocktail to get Mac running perfectly.

Cocktail is not something that device must take, it would be useful at all, instead is a maintenance and optimization software, but for those who are thinking that it is "just another one it this genre", it should be noted that this has advanced features that make from it the perfect tool for users with medium-high knowledge about Mac maintenance and optimization.

After a superbly organized interface there are hidden all the tools required to efficiently manage each of the elements found in the Apple device: management of permissions, cache cleaning, organization and deleting of old files, empty the trash safely, and so and so. The best of Cocktail for Mac is that these actions are not performed unconsciously and automatically, but it is the user who exercises control over the elements that are installed on the computer, and s/he decides which ones are going to remain, or no.

On the other hand, it includes a section headed by the word "Pilot" where every task can be scheduled, so user doesn’t have to be continually slope maintenance. Cocktail for Mac is an excellent software, even it could be a little bit too good because the high number of features is not easy to handle by many users as it includes advance tasks.