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CleanMyMac is the maintenance and optimization software developed for Mac to run smoothly


Specific maintenance and optimization program for Mac

Full list of maintenance functions

Privacy tasks functions included.


A removed file with this software, will remain removed, forever.

As time goes by, computer runs more and more slowly, no matter if it is an excellent equipment or if it is a common one: time makes computers run slowly, but also a slowdown in the execution of its functions. Fortunately it is not a process with a non-return way, as it is possible to reverse it to get the device works as agile as it used to be. For this purpose maintenance and optimization software have been developed, and among the most interesting alternatives for Mac there is CleanMyMac.

CleanMyMac introduced itself by a name that offers interesting information: it is not a program developed for Windows and that with a later Mac version developed, this is a software that, since its first steps, has been developed thinking on Apple computers.

The program is complete and very useful, it is seen when clicking on its icon  and facing the interface, which is organized into sections on the left side: each has a title that makes it clear what can do when accessing it and that all the contents are related to Apple devices: " Trash iTunes" " Trash iPhotos "
It is clear that it has been created to offer a complete cleaning tool for Mac!

Registry clean, removal of remaining extensions and plugins after uninstalled programs or uninstalling programs are functions that CleanMyMac includes, but they are the expected ones of a maintenance and optimization software for Mac. So CleanMyMac offers more options, and to understand it the only thing needed it to see all the sections presents its interface. Some of the most interesting are: large and old files removal or privacy tasks management.

The team can slow down, but Mac the device will go smoothly for much longer with CleanMyMac installed on it.