Mac Internet

Malware is waiting for a chance to wreak havoc on your Mac, protect it against their harmful intentions with ClamXav


Complete antimalware protection for Mac

“Sentry” Mode to control single files if user wants it.


The interface design is nightmarish.

Operating systems developed by Apple offer a stability that does not reach the OS competition, but is important not to forget that the different SO X versions are not exempt from the attack from the elements circulating on the Internet that can be harmful to your computer. Among the best rated ClamXav antivirus is an indispensable tool to have virus under control.

ClamXav has the backing of Linux users, who were the first to verify the effectiveness of this program in detecting and removing everything that acts suspiciously. But now the software makes the leap to the Mac environment and does so by a very interesting tool.

The aim of ClamXav in this new environment is basically the same as the previous one: to control the malware or, more specifically, to control malware do not reach Mac while surfing the net, downloading files or opening an email. And, even if the options are very few, if something seeping the equipment, it detects the problem before it causes havoc on the computer.

The best about this program is that it is not one of those that require the user "launches" it to do their work, instead it works automatically so user can be sure nothing is attacking the computer while the software is installed and active. Even automatic, it hs been equipped with a "Sentry" mode, thanks to which it is possible to ask to have under control a particular file or element, just in case...

Users of Mac now always install an antivirus, but anyway it is advisable to have one because the malware attacking Apple computers is much more sophisticated and dangerous, so you better download ClamXav and avoid problems.