Mac Internet

Chromium: security, speed and stability define this browser


A secure, stabile and fast browser

It is not continuously updating which increases security while surfing the net

Base Source Code of Chrome


It does not work as expected when Mac has an old OS version

Imagine a Google Chrome in which periodic updates had been removed, in which compatibility with Adobe products were not possible, the result could be a simpler browser that would increase security standards. The result exists and Chromium is its name.

Chromium is the base source code of Google Chrome. But if what is expected is to find something like Google Chrome, it is very possible get a major disappointment. As a start it could seem to be a little bit boring, as the appearance is simpler that Chrome’s one. However, Chromium does not complex of its shortcomings, and rather turns them into pluses.

The first one is that as it is not always updating itself, it is more secure than the rest. Then, it offers good stability joined to good browsing speed.  Now that these three characteristics are knows, Chromium looks much attractive, doesn’t it?

We have already said that its simplicity is one of its points of strength. But it does not mean it does not have customization options: this browser can be customized with different extensions and plugins, so user can get a browser that fits its needs.

Security, speed and stability are the characteristics that best define Chromium, and the three best reasons to download it right now. But before downloading Chromium, it is recommended that you be sure that your Mac does not have installed an old OS X Mac, because the browser does not work properly when installed in oldest versions.