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Ccleaner is the popular Windows maintenance and optimization software. Are you ready to enjoy its function on your Mac?


Similar interface to Windows version, so it is easy to use and to understand.

Notifications system.


Pay full version.

CCleaner is considered as one of the best maintenance and optimization software of Windows, Piriform was able to create a fantastic program many years ago, Systems and users have changed, but the program is still one on the most downloaded options to clean register on Windows devices. Now there are good news for Mac’s owners, because Ccleaner for Mac is ready and available.

CCleaner for Mac is going to surprise the user, but not because of the features or the functions, time and number of downloads are the best indications that the program is good enough to be excellent with no important changes and the result is a software similar to the Windows version, with a similar interface and same functions, it means that it is easy to use both by those who have tried it on Windows or by those who have never used it.

Three are the main functions: cleaning, register and uninstallation. On the left side, there are three tabs where a function is shown, to know where to fill up a function is as simple as clicking on the tab where the related word is shown. There are also some other features on the extra tools most thought to be used by experts.

It is a pity that the full version of Ccleaner for Mac is a payment one, but the trial version is fantastic for the maintenance and optimization of Mac, and to download CCleaner is always a good idea, mostly if in free download version.