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All you need to have all your e –book under control is Calibre. If you have not it already on all your Apple devices, it is time to download it



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Calibre is the famous e-book manager that has everything you need to carry books to a new universe: the digital one! This book manager works as a virtual library too and, last but not least, streamlines the task of converting formats to make them accessible from any device. Come on: that is the best ally you could find to shed some order to all the e-books you have being downloading and storing in your device.

It is very simple to understand who this software works, even for those who have little idea of the digital world: all you need to do is to add folders to Calibre so that is scans them and finds e –books, which automatically become part of the Calibre’s library. Now that they are a part of its library, it will be possible to look for them in the library by name, author or date; and it will be also possible to edit or modify some aspects of their format of style, even it is possible to add notes or comments on the contents.

Beyond being a simple manager of e -books, Calibre is an essential tool to convert e-book formats and thus make them accessible from different devices. The extension list includes epub, pdf, zip, rar, htm, html, mobi...

Without relinquishing the most popular eBook format converter, the download of Calibre for Mac gives users the possibility to access the most important international newspapers and all from a single software that can synchronize different Apple devices, so it is not needed to download the eBook on all devices to enjoy them everywhere, the download of Calibre for Mac is the action required, then it is just necessary to open it to find every content.