Mac Tools

Bookends shows that managing references without headaches is possible


Connection to the word processor used

Effective management of bibliography, references, notes and articles

Exportation of references both from online and offline sources


Payment is required to enjoy the full version

Free version is limited to 50 references

Interface is a little bit too boring, moreover as we are talking about payment software

Whoever has developed a project that required the management of a large number of references knows that this point can be even more complicated than the project itself. Bookends has been designed and developed so that the writer can focus on what really matters: the project, because software itself takes care of references.

Bookends manage, notes, scientific articles and different books that are indicated by writer, and it handles with the same agility books that are a part of the collection of Mac and those obtained from external sources, such as the Internet. Moreover, writer cannot be completely sure of the source of a reference, but Bookends will handle to know where it comes from.

If we consider how difficult it can be to work with hundreds of references, Bookends seems to be the perfect tool for those who do it often. So sure you are now wondering why have you never heard of it to your colleagues and they reason could be very simple to find: it is paid software. In fact, the price is high enough to consider if paying worth the results. At least, trial version can give a good idea of how well it works on Mac before acquiring the full version.

However, before you download Bookends, please note that this free version is limited to 50 references, so calculate if they are enough to finish your project because it is possible that when you're halfway through the project you realize you have to return to the traditional system...