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File compressors are a lot, but very few are as good as BetterZip


High format compatibility

Rar files converter

Decoding and encoding encrypted files


Whoever wants it must pay it.

BetterZip is one of the completest decompression utility you can find now as it is a master in dealing with compressed files that have been encrypted with the security AES-256 algorithm. And if the description begins by stating the most difficult action, it costs nothing to think how good it will deal with classics such as Zip, RAR or TAR, and other compressed file formats.

It executes Compression functions as well as decompression ones, but the most interesting feature is that it can generate files with encrypted password by using AES-256 algorithm. After compression a RAR file is obtained.

All right, compression and decompression can be easier, and even funnier with it. But neither is there to waste the time doing it if every time a little modification is required because BetterZip integrates with Mac to allow files can be modified from within the folder they are compressed. The edition can be done with the program user choose: a word processor or and image editor, for example. So BetterZip is easy to use, it makes easier editing and it makes possible to save a lot of time!

Oh! And if you want to find out some info regarding a certain folder better ask it, as it is ready to provide interesting data regarding: size, data, permissions, etc.  Instead, it would be nice that files could be shown as “miniatures”.

The only point that we have no mentioned until this moment is the list of formats that BetterZip can deal with, a list with is incredibly long! So here you go all the reasons to download BetterZip right now. But the best reason we can provide it that it is the best in its genre!