Mac Tools

BetterTouchTool is the tool that allows to fully customize mouse actions: maximum control at every click!


Fully customizable and configurable

Can be used with Magic Mouse, Touch Pac and other types of mouse


Perfect customization is not easy to find, some modifications could be needed to get “tailored” software.

Mouse gestures options featured by Magic Mouse, TouchPac and so, make it much easier to use the Mac, but both they can become an indispensable help or a nightmare if not very clear how to manage them on different environments. Although it is important to point that the use of BetterTouchTool greatly facilitates the management of gestures, especially when Mac has Magic Mouse or Touch Pac.

This is a program to manage the use of mouse movements and buttons to complete actions faster. But the gestures are not chosen by it but each user, so we are talking about a very customizable program, even to configure mouse speed or, for example, the device’s behavior when multiple open screens. On short, it can be explain that same command movements and clicks may mean a different action depending on the environment in which they are used thanks to this utility. BetterTouchTool takes perfectly with specific Mac Mices, and of course, means great with ordinary mice.

To tell the truth is that this is the kind of software that can help a lot to perform simple, routine and such tasks thanks to the gestures, but to get a “tailored” program the user will have to try and try until a suitable combination, according to users’ preferences, is found.

To simplify and to streamline some of the most common actions with the mouse, moreover Magic Mouse or Touch Pac, is the main function of this program and, of course, the best reason to include it among the basic software for Mac. But for those who need a final push to decide, we must remember that it is freeware.