Mac Tools

BBEdit is a professional text editor developed for the Macintosh


Text editor with everything programmes need to deal with plain text

Supporting more than 20 programming languages



Free trial version limited to 30 days

BBEdit is a professional text editor and it used to edit plain text. It is the essential tool for those who work with programming languages software with Mac computers.

Do not expect this program allows you to format text, or to place bold or italics: It is for that. In fact, the advantage of BBEdit is that it produces a "clean" and free-form text, which can be used in environments where moving the programmers, web developers, web authors and those who manage websites. It is a kind of professional tool, but it could also be used to those who manage web text as a hobby.

A clear and clean interface helps a lot to create plain text as well as to "clean up" any formatted text for later use in different web environments. The program has a handy toolbar and it also offers syntax colouring, and different features.

BBEdit supports more than 20 programming languages, including some of the most commonly used, such as C ++, Java, JavaScript, PHP, SQL and, of course, HTML. The list is complete with other popular names.
As a text editor, BBEdit for Mac has everything that is required to become the basic tool for anyone who is dedicated to programming and web developing, but it is a pity that the free version is limited to 30 days. When trial version is over, it is time to pay to enjoy it.

Anyway to download the free trial version of BBEdit can be a good idea to assess if it fits your needs before purchasing the full version.