Mac Tools

Download BatChmod and you will have complete control over your files and folders on Mac


Simple interface

Easy to use

Information about folders and files


There is Mac software that can complete the same task

It is too easy to use considering how dangerous the actions taken could be

BatChmod is a program that allows changes in user privileges of each file or folder located on Mac. The best of it is that software performs this function without changing the rest of the file.

When we talk about software, to say that it is “simple” could mean that it is “boring”, however, in this case, we must recognize that it has been a success opt, the simplicity of its design is a plus.

To handle this type of software does not have major complications with BatCrmod all you have to do is placing the mouse over the file, and you will get all info regarding the file or folder. Besides data, it is shown an interface with different elements that can be marked with a tick, or not. A single click is enough to modify those marked elements, then, by clicking “Apply” the modifications are confirmed.

As software, it sounds indispensable as it is the kind of program to modify privileges, but we must advert that it is a program recommended for expert users because to change and to modify owner’s privileges and directories is a task whose execution can damage the device or its components, so before executing a modification of a folder privilege, you must be clear about what are you doing and what the consequences of the modification might be.

Download BatChmod and be sure that you will have the complete control of your files and folders: decide which your privileges are, and when it is time to change them!