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If it can be listened, it can be recorded by Audio Hijack. Download the essential program to record, everything!


Sound record on Mac.

Timer included to Schedule records.


It is not a professional or common program, so it could be difficult to understand it.

Audio Hijack is not a common audio program, but that is not a real problem, instead is the main reason to discover this software. It is not a professional tool, and the uses are so many that every user can utilize it to complete an objective. So the only certain fact when talking about Audio Hijack is that is it essential to those who want to record something from Mac.

TO RECORD. Here you got the objective the program was developed for, and it is a fact that the result is excellent: every sound that is on Mac can be recorded. No matter if it comes from a web, if it is a sound beeped by an App, or if it is a virtual radio: if here is a sound, there is the change of recording it.

It is clear that Audio Hijack is a software to record, isn’t it? But the best of the program are its tasks, which are completed with the most of quality and decided by the user thanks to the features included, such an equalizer and some other tools to AIFF files. There is also possible to record a sound by adding another one, such as comments or music.

To own a software to record could be useful, but it is even better as Audio Hijack includes the option of scheduling record by creating different profiles for the Apps and websites to be recorded.

It is not a common program, but the real fact is that it is very original, and it offers some interesting tools tool. Download Audio Hijack and takes a look on it, you won’t regret it!

Audio Hijack