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Audacity is the audio editor and recorder used by most of professionals that work with sound, and it it free!


It is an open source software.

A lot of formats to save the recorded tracks.

High quality sound.


Nothing really important.

Quality is an essential characteristic researched by professionals when choosing the software used to complete their job, most of those programs are quite expensive, so it is surprising that one of them could be an open source software, but Audacity is. Used by professionals and amateurs, Audacity is an audio editor and recorder knows by the quality of the records and by the features that includes.

Why does from Audacity for Mac so popular? There is not a single reason but a lot of them. By one side, it is a utility that can be used to record every kind of sound that is being played on the device. One the track is recorded it is possible to have a pre-audio of it to check that everything is OK. The freeware Audacity allows an extraordinary quantity of formats to save the recorded tracks, the list of formats includes WAV, WMA, MP3 y MP4 as they are well known and utilized, but there are other options also interesting such as OGG, MIDI o AIFF. But there are just some examples, the list is longer…

To record tracks is the main function of Audacity in the Mac version, but it is not the only one, if so, could it be considered one of the best? OK, it is a free download program, but it is also a good software that has been completed with tools to edit tracks that have been recorded. The sound sector is always changing and including new elements, and Audacity does it too!

Quality is the best word to describe Audacity for Mac, something that is joined to free download here, and the thousands of professionals of sound use this program: here you go the three best reasons to download Audacity right now.