Mac Tools

Goodbye forever files! There's nothing left of you in Mac now that AppDelete is here


Complete delete of any program, file or extension

"Undo" to reverse accidental erasure


"Undo" function subtracts credibility to the description of “definitive”

It’d be better empty the folder "Recycle Bin" from time to time because the program sends files there, the final click is user’s business

To delete a program or a file from Mac is very easy, but to delete it “completely” means high doses of patience and plenty of time to search each of the elements that came with the installation... To have that, or to have AppDelete as a basic program to uninstall everything.

"Definitively". This is the term that best describes how this software removes each file or program. The software erase a program or file by selecting it from a list and, once the process is complete, there will be no sign of it. But this is also a tracker program that finds elements that were forgotten during uninstallation, deleting them, of course. It is also aware of what programs are not used often or unused for a long time, if the user decides to free up space, software reminds those programs are occupying that valuable space.

A not negative, although somewhat curious, striking fact is that the program has an "Undo" function, that means that a click and the whole process of deleting all the files is cancelled and each item returns to where it was. It is a little funny that a program that is described ad “definitively” includes that option, and it is even funnier that the complete deleting process is completed just when the user empties the recycling bin.

To get rid of a program become a nightmare because of the hidden elements that the software brings but doesn’t take when it leaves: AppDelete main mission is to find them.