Mac Tools

To install a software is easy, to uninstall it b deleting every element is easier with AppCleaner.


Quick register cleaning.

Detection of Plugins, wingets, extensions, files...

Uninstallation and recovering functions.


If you want to recover a program, be sure that you can remember its name, as it is the only allowed filter to complete the research.

When a program is installed on Mac, there are a lot of elements that come with it, but if uninstalled, some of them aren’t delete or cancel, they just stay forever. The greater the number of elements and the slower device runs. The next time you install a new software on Mac, it should be AppCleaner, a program that is really helpful when dealing with remaining elements.

On the one hand, AppCleaner is a program that analyses the computer to detect those elements that were not eliminated when the uninstallation was done, which have no function apart from occupying hard disk space.  Plugins, wingets, extensions, files, are a part of those elements, after the detection, the software says good bye to them, forever! The procedure is simple and fast.

On the other hand, it is able to uninstall programs. OK: Mac includes this function, but even when the program has been uninstalled, there are some remaining items, so the uninstalling process is not complete. Instead, after uninstalling with AppCleaner the program seems to have never been to the device.

The strange names that some program really have can be the reason of a mess: the deleted software was not the right one, but it is certain that in case this happen  the deleted program is going to be the most difficult to be reinstalled. Fortunately, AppCleaner includes the chance of recovering a cancelled software. Just some clicks are require the get the software recovered!

It sounds great, doesn’t it? Needless to say that it is easy to use, and then it is free. If you can find a reason not to download AppCleaner don’t do it, otherwise, there is only an action to be take.