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Adobe Lightroom: the image editor for those who are looking for a simple and complete tool to modify photos…and to share them!


Interesting image editor simpler that Photoshop, but quite complete.

Sharing on network options.

Cloud service.


Full paid version.

It is much easier to use that Photoshop, but it takes time to understand how does it works too.

To properly speak of Lightroom, the first thing to be noted should be that it is a product of the firm Adobe, so it is clear to realize that Adobe Lightroom is a product well designed to respond to specific needs that users find when trying and editing images, as this has been the main objective of Adobe for many years.

But focusing on Adobe Lightroom, it is an image editor and, without reaching the level of Photoshop, this software provides a wide number of tools to edit photos. Its functions include filters, removal of objects, improved lighting, automatic retouching, creation of panoramic photos and some more functions, but in short: it allows you to edit photos, but through a program that is much easier to understand that Adobe Photoshop.

A very attractive feature of Adobe Lightroom for Mac is that it has been developed by thinking about users and what they expect when editing images: simple modification, simple organization and simple sharing of photos. These functions are joint in Adobe Lightroom thanks to the edition tools, integrated cloud service and the services to, share and publish them on social networks.

Facial and Environment recognition functions are added too, to add many possibilities to organize and store photos based on specific parameters.

Adobe Lightroom is a complete image editor, especially though for professional use as it has a full paid version. Therefore, it is also possible to download the free trial version of Adobe Lightroom to evaluate their performance before getting the full version.

Adobe Lightroom