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Don’t let a change decides if your images become useless, Adobe DNG Converter convert your pictures to DNG. Get is available whatever changes are


Compatible with RAW files from more than 600 cameras

To understand how to change RAW to DNG it is very simple


Although the basic functions are easy to understand, advanced features require some wide knowledge.

Adobe DNG Converter is an Adobe program and this fact makes users to think that it is quality software, and that’s important. But this one is a “strange” Adobe product as it is an open source program. But Beyond the fact that it is free, it is essential for all those professional or amateur photographers who often face the difficult task of working with RAW files.

As a photographer knows RAW files are those specific files that cameras have and that change from different camera models. Adobe DNG Converter converts them to DGN, a more accessible format.

One of the advantages to be highlighted the software is that it is a program that can convert RAW formats of more than 600 digital cameras, among which include ultimate models of course, but outdated models too, after all, the last one have more compatibility problems. Furthermore, conversion is done without diminishing quality images, nor weight and other components change, so the final image is quite similar to the original one, but in a new more accessible version.

Besides the basic functions that were indicated in the previous paragraph, it has some advanced option, but to take advantage of Adobe DNG Converter the best is to have a wide knowledge about how such programs work, so it is especially indicated to professionals.

Photography’s sector is always changing, but it is possible to prevent your best images will be lost due to one of those changes; the only action to be taken is to download Adobe DNG Converter.

Adobe DNG Converter