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Adobe Digital Editions is the mediator that makes ebooks and Mac get on well


Offline and online e-books

It is really easy to use

Interesting extra features: search engine, highlight fragments and bookmarks


Lack of compatible formats, the only open formats are EPUB, EBUB3 and PDF

Digital books offer many advantages that paper books don’t, but in practice reader finds that the sector is quite limited and it is not so easy or comfortable, to read an e-book when and how s/he wants. Adobe Digital Editions makes possible that Mac becomes an environment to read e-book, it is not the definitive solution, but it is the best to get it!

Adobe Digital Editions provides a comfortable environment from which to open e-books to be read on Mac, although the only thing that can be read are files with EPUB format, EPUB3 format and PDF files. However, software can’t be blamed on the lack of compatibility formats, as it faces rights problems that explain the reasons why the software is quite limited.

However, within its limitations, we must recognize that this is more than enough to read digital books, both which are stored safely in Mac, such as those found on the Internet. It is fair too to note that offline books can be organized into folders and subfolders, so e-books are easy to find.

Reading is comfortable thanks to the zoom functions, although it would be nice to count on a “full screen” option. It also includes some interesting features, like a handy search engine terms, highlight fragments or bookmarks. 

We will not deny that Adobe Digital Editions would be more interesting if it offered more compatible formats. But it is open code, and it is quite useful despite the lacks. So, our advice is to download Adobe Digital Editions and to give it a chance.

Adobe Digital Editions