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Don’t say that editing RAW files is not possible until you know Adobe Camera RAW


Plugin to open RAW files in Photoshop

Simple editing

Authomatic correction of RAW file defects


Continuous updates, (after all it is Adobe software)

It is very useful, but just in case who uses it is a professional or someone who usually deals with RAW files and Photoshop

Adobe Camera RAW is a plugin that allows you to open RAW format images with Photoshop, that is all! So it is a must for all those devoted to photography as a profession or hobby.

RAW files are different from each other camera models; this is something that photographers know since they acquire a digital camera. But this utility is above this drawback because it is compatible with all camera models, that is, it does not matter if it is a latest model or a classic camera: It allows opening every kind of RAW file.

Digital files can be edited in Photoshop and the most complicated action to be taken is the download and install Adobe Camera RAW on Mac. It will be installed as a plugin, to open RAW files directly in Photoshop: it is so simple than it is difficult to believe it, but it is real. In fact, the program even corrects some characteristic defects such files!

This is an Adobe product, and it involves a lot of good things, but also their weaknesses and the most important one is continuous updates. OK, they assure that the program is working properly, but they can be annoying too!
Who makes image editing from time to time, perhaps finds this plugin unhelpful, but those who work with photos and images should download Adobe Camera RAW as they are going to find it an essential tool of their photographer kit.

Adobe Camera Raw