Mac Internet

Would you like to talk with friends from any IM service? Do it with Adium and enjoy the best of original chatting


Get a program that allows you to deal with as many IM accounts as you have. All are included in just one interface

Compatible with a lot of different IM services

It is possible to sent attachment

Tab system to keep an eye on all the conversations at once

Open source software


It does not include advanced options

Do you remember when chat services were on the crest of the wave of communication? Those times are gone. Now users have a lot of options to communicate, simplest, easiest and customized according to everyone’s requirements. But there are sometimes in which common chats become the suitable way to communicate, and that is the reason that explain de development of programs such as Adium, software for SO X Mac that is compatible with most IM services.

Adium takes on well with most services, from the original ones, Yahoo!  or MSN, to the ultimate IM services, with Google Talk as an example. All of them can be integrated in the interface so it is possible to deal with all of them from Adium. Networks often offer a chat service and developers know it so they have not forgotten to include them, Facebook or Twitter chats can be used from Adium too.

How can you keep some simultaneous conversations with Adium? It is very simple because it offers a tab system, where all the included services can be shown. Chatting and sending attachment are functions that Adium deals with, and that users is going to like most, but some other functions could be missed…

Chat, chat and chat! If you love chatting as you used to do it some years ago: Download Adium and manage all your IM accounts.