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Adblock Plus makes possible the dream of surfing Safari without having to endure annoying ads


Surf on Safari without ads

“White list” to control the ads that you want to see

You don’t realize it is working!


Compatible with Safari, but no with the rest of browser

It works well, but some websites are cleverer than Adblock Plus, so it is not 100% effective

Adblock Plus is a very underrated plugin, not because lack of effectiveness, instead, once up and running, user forgets advertising while driving so s/he forgets that it is because Adblock Plus is blocking ads. But behind that undistracted surfing, there is a utility that makes online browsing more enjoyable at the same time that it promotes the ability to concentrate on what really matters.

What type of ads the software blocks? Everyone. From those appearing before a YouTube video is shown, to those that appear before reading a post; from those found in the main screen of a secure web, to those who appear as pop-ups ... In other words, it deals with every kind of adverts, if user does not like adds, it makes them vanish!

It must be said that Adblock Plus is a very fair program as it realizes that many websites are supported thanks to those adds that it blocks… so it includes some functions for user to decide if all adds will be blocked or just a few. In fact, as a default, the program blocks just some ads, but it is user’s decision the level of restriction. Anyway, there are some websites that escape from the control that Adblock Plus offers, because they detect it and – kindly – ask the used to deactivate the block to accede the contents.

Whether you want to surf the net without annoying ads, or if you want to surf without being worried because ads damage your Mac, with a single download you will get a program that meets these two functions.

Adblock Plus