Mac Image & audio

The war against the unknown formats a new fighter has come: Adapter, this time you're on the winning side


Multi-format adapter

Very easy to use

The result owns the same quality than the original one


It is a little bit too simple to professional users

To deal with file formats always brings headaches, no matter how many programs you have or how many formats you know, when least expected one a new format comes and it is ready to complicate everything. From that moment everything will search for and download several programs to find one compatible with the unknown format...

But instead of downloading players and readers without further ado, a file converter is a fantastic option; in fact, the download of Adapter could be considered one of the best alternatives. After so, all you have to do to if to load the file - or files - and specify the output format. It is possible even select predefined profiles for the most common formats.

So Adapter deals with those formats that cause problems to the user or to Mac, but it complete the tasks by giving a file in a new format but in the same quality; unless user specifies another one, because it could be a chance. Subtitles and other characteristics can be added too.

OK, it is not as far as the wind, but the display shows the queue of files to be change and the time that it is taking to complete de tasks. And then it is provided of a preview function.

Photos, videos, documents, and other files very… There are just a little the formats that Adapter can’t modify. You can download programs to read each of the new formats that reach your Mac, but why should you download a lot of software when downloading Adapter provides everything you know to solve the problems of formats?