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A Better Finder Rename is not just one of the programs to rename files, this one is completer than the rest



Maximum customization in changing names

Option to save user preferences

Changes preview


“UnDo” features not included

To rename files can be useful, but many programs developed for this purpose are somewhat limited in features: they rename files without customization options and forget attributes as an option to be changed. A Better Finder Rename does not.

This is the perfect option to those users who like to have under control each of the elements of each of the files that are part of each of the folders and each of the directories, because this program leaves nothing to chance. From small batches to large volumes of files can be changed with a few clicks. No matter if files are images, video or documents.

After the importation of the files, the interface indicates parameters such as the new name, the sequence to be used, prefixes, the number from which it will begin and the order it will appear in which will make changes, it is even possible indicate how program must act in case there is a duplicity… That means that everything can be chosen by the user and that is very simple to control every aspect. By the way, whatever the volume of files to modify, user will be surprised by the speed with which A Better Finder Rename does its work.

It is one of the best to rename files and it is not easy to find an important defect to the program, although there may be indicated a little one:  there is not an “UnDo” option, but sure most users will not ever notice this lack.

The description gives an idea of the advantages of A Better Finder Rename over other similar programs, and even it must be commented that this one saves user preferences. It seems to be the best file renamer so, so why don’t you download it?

A Better Finder Rename