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To change the attributes of your files on Mac use A Better Finder Attributes


Modification of files’ attributes

Blocking further modification on files

Good to modify both a single file or a group of files


It is not the kind of software you are going to use often

To modify a file is a complex action, so better avoiding changes if you are not an expert on it

Finder is the popular search engine that Mac offers and we must recognize that it is good enough to most actions. But from time to time software is developed to complete Finder’s features wherever that utility becomes too basic. One example is A Better Finder Attributes.

What does A Better Finder Attributes do? Its mission is to complement Finder from Mac by offering a tool through which you can change various attributes of a file or multiple files. As simple as useful! By selecting the file or group of files, a shortcut box appears on the screen and it owns everything you need to change date of creation, date of last modification or date last reading. In addition, shortcut box integrates the option to choose whether a particular file could be further modified which means that file could be protected from attributes’ changes.

The only limitation of this application would be that it does not allow modifying dates when the new date of before the time file was created, after all, is a computer program, so it does not "understand" this kind of possibilities.

Perhaps this is not the kind of software you'll use most often, because its use is very specific and conditioned to some specific needs, however, worth knowing that A Better Finder Attributes is able to change the attributes of files with ease. Download it and start to know how it works.

A Better Finder Attributes