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A password to rule them all. The password to manage 1Password of course


Safe and effective program to save passwords

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It would be nice including autofill tools

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Birthdate used to be the most popular password, but now a strong password is required to keep personal data saved. But “Strong” means “complicated” as it must contain numbers, letters and special characters, so it is not always easy to remember one of them: and most of as deal with tens or even hundreds of them.   It is not difficult to keep under control all passwords, if you have 1Password of course.

1Password is the perfect solution for those who have to manage a number of passwords because they can do so without having a prodigious memory. This program, easy to use but very robust and secure, stores passwords in Mac; so passwords are available when user needs them and just but indicating one password, it is possible to accede to the right one to open an account. And, by the way, it deals with all browsers.

To create high security passwords is not complicated pressing different keys at random a perfect password could be created. But:  why should you press keys at random when 1Password is designed precisely to provide secure passwords whenever their presence is convened? The best is that by using this program, password is going to be stored for further used, otherwise…

The 1Password password management provides is good, especially by the time you save when access to each account, but it could be better by including some autocomplete options. And by the way: to remember passwords could be quite boring, but it may not seem so if you consider that to enjoy the full version of this software means to pay a license.

If you do not remember passwords, rather than despair and having to apply for a new one with each access, download 1Password and let it manage your passwords.