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Stable and popular


Stable and popular

XChat is an IRC messaging  program that lets you join several channels at the same time, and talk and send files to other users in a group or privately. Since it’s based on the IRC protocol, you don’t need to add or meet other users: once connected, you can communicate with them.

This program enjoys great popularity among Linux users of and has been around a good few years now. Over time, XChat has improved its interface and streamlined, to become one of the best IRC clients on the market.

The first thing you need to do on opening the program is to select your networks and add your nickname and your real name. This process can be automated when logging in to avoid wasting time.

An IRC Client

XChat is software for both novice and expert users and is similar to other offerings in its mechanics. The program allows you to connect to multiple servers via secure connections and includes a large collection of plugins to customize to your needs. This is probably the most remarkable feature of XChat. As for the IRC commands, they’re the standard ones, so you shouldn’t have any trouble where they’re concerned.


The program offers various interface view options, and allows you to configure the appearance by changing the background and font colors. You’ll love the fluid design.

XChat used to be one of the best Linux IRC clients, but unfortunately, hasn’t had an update since 2012.


An IRC chat program with simple design and basic functions


Customizable interface
Tons of plugins
Easy access