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Use Windows and Linux applications the easy way


Supports basically every version of Windows


Some apps and games won’t work as well as when run on the native Windows operating system.

With WineHQ you can use Windows in the Linux environment without having to reboot the computer to switch between one operating system and another.

What does WineHQ do?

WineHQ acts as a bridge between Windows and Linux: When a Windows program tries to perform a function that Linux is not able to understand, WineHQ translates that function into something the system is able to understand.

By doing this action on the fly, it saves you having to reboot the system and having to switch from one operating system to another: you can use both at once.

WineHQ and support for Windows

The program has extensive support for Windows: Windows64 and Windows32, including versions of Windows from 95 to 10, and also provides support for Windows 3.1 and DOS programs. It also includes support for DirectX games and supports for some drivers and sound.

It also includes support for external devices such as graphics tablets, for TCP/IP networks, and ASPI interface to support scanners, readers, etc.

Different versions

WineHQ has three different branches according to your needs:

-Stable: Update released annually with minor updates. It is focused on users whose applications and games already work with existing code and are not interested in testing new versions. In short, the version for daily use.

-Development: This version is updated every two weeks. It is the main branch in which all the bugs are fixed and new features are added.

-Staging: Also updated fortnightly, it encompasses the development version, plus hundreds more experimental patches that are not yet ready for inclusion in the main branch.


WineHQ is a program that lets you run apps, games, and the Windows operating system in the Linux environment.


Different versions
Allows you to use Windows, and its apps and games
Support for various versions of Windows
Support for DirectX and audio
Support for peripherals