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The best tool for partitioning servers


Easy to create virtual machines from the partition of a physical server

Simple and intuitive user interface


It fell into disuse and has no more updates

With VMware Server you can partition a physical server, allowing you to create virtual machines. This way, you get additional servers on an interim basis, saving time and money in having to purchase new hardware for it. And all via a simple and intuitive interface that allows creation and configuration of virtual machines.


Compatibility and features


VMware Server is able to run different environments, including Linux, Solaris and Windows, including 64-bit, in addition to applications running on the physical server.

The program allows you to increase the performance of a server’s CPU and also allows you to increase the RAM of each virtual machine up to 8 gigs (thought the cumulative RAM of each virtual machine combined is, of course,  limited to maximum RAM of the host computer).

VMware Server also allows you to move virtual machines created from one physical server to another without reconfiguration. You can also add or remove virtual SCSI hard disks while the virtual machine is running.


Using peripherals and USB drives


You can also perform quick data transfer using USB devices connected to the host computer. If the virtual operating system has the correct USB 2.0 drivers, it is also possible to use peripherals such as webcams, speakers, external mass storage devices, printers and scanners.



VMware Server is software that allows you to partition a physical server into multiple virtual machines, with the aim of  optimizing its use.




Partition physical servers into virtual machines
Increased CPU usage
Increased RAM in virtual machines
Add or remove virtual SCSI hard drives


VMware Server